Give second life to you old dress

Creative people are people who love their lives. In order to make our lives full of passion, we should always try to create. Clothes transformation is such an interesting thing for everyone. Isn’t it quite interesting to see the old dress being transformed to another look? When you have successfully changed the clothes you rarely wear to another new look, I believe you will full of the sense of accomplishment.

Not long ago, I have seen relevant reports from a local TV station that many people have a lot of old clothes and they do not know how to deal with them. Some people say that they would use the old clothes as rag and someone would throw them away directly as garbage. Some would also sell the clothes to places that recycling old clothes. However, there are few people who recycle these old clothes now. More people do not know how to deal with these clothes and directly heap them at home, this quite troubling, because it’s a pity to throw them away.

I have many old and idle clothes. Many of these clothes have been worn for only a few time. I also think that it’s a pity to throw old clothes away as garbage. Some of the clothes can still be worn after been transformed. If the clothes are too old, you can change them into rag or mop. In a word, you should make full use of them.

Here are some very interesting examples of clothes transformation.


You can change you old T-shirt into a cool and fashion handbag, isn’t it very coo?


What about these bohemian style slippers made of old scarf?


Change your old clothes into a miniskirt, isn’t it quite stylish?

The prom is coming. What will you do with your prom dresses after the prom? Will you just place your dress in your closet forever or will you give it to other people? Then why not try to transform your prom dress? I believe you will receive a lot of fun! For more fashion information, please check at

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Three Important Factors You Must Consider When Choosing Dress Color

Dresses colors have very a very significant impact on wearing effect. Choosing right dress colors is half done. When you choose your dress colors, there are three key factors that you must take into consideration.

First, you must now well about your body shape. Right dress colors can help balance the visual effects, making our imperfect figure appear more perfect in visual. For fat people, you should avoid bright colors which are full of strong expansion sense. Colors like white, bright yellow and bright oranges are colors that you should never choose if you are fat. For skinny people, you can wear these colors to adjust your body proportions.

Long prom dress from Lunadress

Second, skin color is a very important factor that can’t be ignored. When choosing your dress colors, you must have overall thoughts for the dress colors and your skin color. If you use your dress colors properly, you can receive unexpected wearing effect. Dresses with right colors can help adjust your skin color and hair color and help you to hide your skin problems. When considering coordination and beauty of your skin color and dress color, the best way is to enlarge the lightness difference, purity difference and chroma difference between the two colors

Red prom dress

Third, think about your age and personality when choosing your dress color. People with different ages have quite different requests for dress colors. Young people prefer bright and lively colors since they are simple, intuitive and lively. While elder people prefer colors that are beautiful but not eye-catching since elder people are subjective and sane, their requests for colors are soft and subtle, clear but not tacky, elegant and noble. What’s more, the character of a person should also been taken into consideration. For example, if you are a cheerful person, white colors and warm colors with high brightness and low saturation work well on you, you should avoid black colors and cold colors.

Blue prom dress

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