Impressive dresses in the films in history

Films are best sources for people to gain fashion inspiration, in the post, I will share the most impressive dresses in the film history.

In 1939 when color film just became famous, the color film “Wizard of Oz” was released. This film is one of the most famous color films in early times. The dress and red sandals that Dorothy wore in this film are classic in Hollywood movie history. According to the report, the film producers prepared more than ten sets of dresses for Dorothy, but only two dresses appeared in the film. These dresses were designed by legendary designer Adrian. She only used some cheap cloth and a foot style sewing machine to make the dresses. There are total ten well-preserved dresses at present.

Wizard of Oz dress

This black dress is arguably the most famous in the history of the little black dress. This classic dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy appeared on the poster of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961 and spreaded to all the cities that had cinemas. The film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is not only a turning point for Audrey in her film career, but also established Audrey’s position in the fashion circle.

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In 1955, Marilyn Monroe appeared in the film “Seven Year Itch” with a white dress. The white dress look in this film became one of her iconic dresses. Since then, most people think this dress has disappeared. In fact, the dress designer William Travilla secretly preserved it. This dress appeared again in Debbie Reynolds private exhibition when William died in 1990. And this dress auctioned in 2011, the price was 5.6 million dollars.

Marilyn Monroe

The role Carrie Bradshaw that Sarah Jessica Parker always acted in the film “Sex and the City” always wore very expensive dresses. However, the most famous dress was the ballet skirt that she bought at temporary stall for only $5. Stylist Patricia Field bought this skirt when wandering, and Sarah Jessica Parker quickly fell in love with this skirt. Although producer Darren Star beginning did not agree her to wear this skirt, but at the end, the girls went on to win the final victory, and let this style became one of most classic parts in fashion history

Keira Knightley acted as Cecilia Tallis in the film “Atonement”. As soon as the film poster was released, the green 1930s style backless dress designed by Jacqueline Durran soon became the hottest dress online. In fact, emerald color rarely appeared in the dress designs. It was said that this color would make people feel uneasy and could show the sense of power. This dress is also considered one of the most classic dresses on movie screen.

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Show Your Sexy Legs with High Slit Dresses and Skirts

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, it’s time to add some new summer dresses in your closets! Which kind of dress is really popular in this summer? It’s the high slit dress! Still wear short dresses and long dresses? Try the high slit dresses!

The high slit dresses can not only show your legs, but can also hide some small shortcomings of your legs. What’s more, the high slit dresses enable you to keep cool and elegant in hot summer. Many Hollywood female stars love high slit dresses and wear high slit dresses no matter on the red carpet or the street.

High slit dresses are not patent for women with perfect leg curves. If you think that you do not have perfect and sexy legs and can’t wear high slit dresses, then you are wrong! High slit dresses have both the advantages of long dress and short dress. Moreover, no matter you are tall or short, you can try high slit dress! Let’s learn to dress high slit dress from female stars!

Look at this extremely elegant dress that Emma Watson wore! It’s so elegant and sexy, perfect for attending a formal occasion. The little witch in Harry Potter has completely transformed into attractive and sexy mature woman.

Emma Watson

Maggie Q, the actress in Nikita, attended an activity with a really sexy black dress. The high slit design lengthened her legs in visual. If you have really long and slim legs, you can try her style. I sure you will attract all men’s attention if you wear such dress to a party!

Maggie Q

Chinese female star Zhang Ziyi attended the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony with a illusion improved floral cheongsam. The high slit design and the sexy black tulle make her legs look looming. This dress perfectly showed the mysterious beauty of oriental women.

Zhang Ziyi

Taylor Swift is really popular in recent years. She is the fashion idol of many young ladies. She also followed the high slit trend. She looked young and sexy in a Lo shi bodice and slit skirt.

Taylor Swift

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Rihanna’s Style: Top 10 “Wow” Outfits

Not long ago, CFDA voted R&B singer Rihanna as annual fashion icon in 2014. Rihanna attended the awards with a bold Adam Selman custom dress. The dress was made of 210,000 Swarovski crystals, extremely luxury and sexy. She was really outstanding among all the stars who attended the events. Let’s review the fashion styles that Rihanna has had in this year and learn from this fashion icon!


Rihanna’s fashion styles are not invariant. This young lady is bold and adventurous. She is a well-deserved Diva. Every time when she appeared, she would catch all of the attention. In my opinion, she is well-deserved fashion icon in 2014.

Rihanna in Adam Selman

Rihanna attended the Miu Miu fashion show earlier this year with a colored fur coat. Her modeling was really classic and modern. It seems that Rihanna likes fur clothes very much, she wore a luxury fur scarf with her in another show. The England Oxford shoes she wore had become must-haves for early spring.

Rihanna in fur coat

This army green windbreaker looked well with Rihanna’s sexy and healthy bronze skin. The golden lace heels highlighted the whole modeling.

Rihanna in green coat

Since Rihanna is a hip hop artist, she really loves sports style clothing. Look at the sport style suit when she attended the Chanel events. She looked young and dynamic.

Rihanna attend Channel events

It seems that we can see so feminine Rihanna only on the red carpet. Her perfect figure was shown incisively and vividly with the white floor length dress.

Rihanna in white dress

Rihanna can be sweet and cute too. She looked like the girl next door in this chic pink dress.

Rihanna in pink party dress

Rihanna also looked well with black clothes. Look at this transparent lace long dress she wore, so sexy! Her makeup was also a very important part of the modeling. Browse 2014 new black dresses online.

Rihanna in Black

Want to see her street style? Then check this white shirt and short pants look! I have to say that her long and slim legs added a lot of charm to her.

Rihanna in white shirt

Rihanna also loves neutral style clothes. However, she can always add some feminine feelings. She wore a pair of red long boots with the over-sized coat, stylish and feminine!

Rihanna in over-size coat

Rihanna changed her hair color to pink. She knows how to make herself the most eye-catching very well. She wore the floral dress with a pair of black basketball shoes, quite uniqe!

Rihanna in floral dress

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