Find wedding dress inspiration from brides in the films

If you search for films that related to wedding online, you will find more than 3600 films. The romantic weddings in the films evoke many women’s yearning for wedding. The brides in these romance films are so charming. I selected some most impressive brides from the films and see if we can get some wedding dress and beauty inspiration from them. If you are bride-to-be, you may wish to refer to their wedding dress, hairstyle and makeup.

Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face”

In the film “Funny Face”, Audrey Hepburn changed from a bookstore clerk to a fashion model. Look at her wedding dress look in the film. Her unique wedding veil and eye-catching red lip highlighted the simple boat neck wedding dress. There are still many brides searching for wedding dresses similar to Audrey’s after this film had been released for more than 50 years.

Funny Face

Emmy Rossum in “The Phantom of the Opera”

Shiny star shape hair accessories and pink eye makeup made Emmy Rossum like a noble and sweet princess. She was so gorgeous!

Emmy Rossum
Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in “Bride Wars”

Have you seen the hot film “Bride Wars” in 2009? Look at their bridal looks in the film. Do you like the mermaid wedding dress Anne Hathaway wore or the luxury ball gown wedding dress Kate Hudson wore? If you don’t have any idea for your hairstyle and wedding veil, you may refer to Anne’s elegant updo and Kate’s fashion wedding veil. Find wedding dresses similar to Anne’s and Kate ‘s at Luna Dress.

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson

Jennifer Garner in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”

If you are going to have a romantic outdoor wedding and don’t know what to wear on your head, then flower hair accessories that Jennifer wore in a wedding scene in the film “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” are perfect.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”

Jennifer Lopez did not finish her wedding vows in the film “The Wedding Planner”, but the round neck wedding dress and cap bridal veil left us deep impression. If you don’t want to wear a traditional wedding veil, the cap bridal veils are perfect.

Jennifer LopezWhich style impressed you most? LunaDress has thousands  of wedding dresses and wedding party dresses in different styles . You are sure to find your dress and your girls’ dresses. Shop here.

Highlight Your Fall Wardrobe with Jewel Tones

Early autumn already, it’s time to put away your summer dresses and change to autumn clothes. Speaking of fall and winter clothes, which colors will come to your mind? I believe most people would think of dark colors like black and grey. Do you think that the fall wardrobe which is full of mainly black and gray clothes is too dull and conservative? Then you may try the colorful jewel-toned clothes and accessories to highlight your wardrobe in this season.

Mysterious gem purple

Purple always give people the feeling of noble and mysterious. In the Chinese tradition, purple is a color that can only be used by the aristocracy. Compared with other purple shades, gem purple looked especially luxury and noble. For the mature and capable career women, gem purple clothes are perfect.


Lively gem yellow

The girl who wear bright gem yellow will definitely become the focus of the party. If you are a very high-profile girl and enjoy the feeling of becoming the focus, the eye-catching gem yellow is your best choice. The party season of the year is coming soon. Why not select a gem yellow dress for the coming party?


Mature sapphire blue

People who wear sapphire blue usually give people the feeling of mature and wise. Blue is a color that will make people calm and feel safe. It’s also a perfect color for career women. If you do not want to look too mature, you can wear a pair of sport style high heels to balance the mature feeling. Browse the newly laucnhed sapphire blue prom dresses at LunaDress.


Elegant ruby red

Ruby red is sexy yet elegant. According to a survey, women who wear red tend to look more sexy and confident. Red is also a very hot color for parties. If you have tanned skin, the stunning ruby red is perfect for you. You do not have to wear too much accessories if you wear a ruby red dress since the dress itself is eye-catching enough. Be the party queen with a romantic ruby red dress.


Fresh jade green

A nice jade green dress is sure to bring you a breath of spring in this season. Green can be one difficult color to wear. The color can appear over-bearing on the rack and difficult to adapt to different skin tones. A great way to incorporate green into your wardrobe is use the power of accessories. A simple pair of green earrings can be an easy way to add the trend into your wardrobe.