Great watercolor wedding ideas for spring wedding

Want to have a romantic spring wedding? I would strongly recommend you to add watercolor element into your wedding! The watercolor exudes romance and passion and it’s just perfect for spring season. If you are an artistic bride-to-be, you should love the idea of having a unique watercolor wedding. There’s no denying that there are plenty of ways to incorporate this beautiful painterly look into your wedding day. Are you interested? Read on to get wonderful watercolor wedding ideas.

A watercolor wedding theme is perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding. In modern society, many people work under the pressure and have no time to relax and enjoy their lives. The artistic watercolor will help to make you calm down and get relaxed. You will have a lot of color choices if you plan to have a watercolor themed wedding. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, both soft pastels and bright neons make excellent starting points for this wedding theme. All you have to do now is select your hue and take the plunge!

From soft-washed cakes to dipped invitations, watercolor wedding ideas of all kinds have been popping up and grabbing our attention. Who could fail to be entranced by these soft tones and gorgeous hues?

Watercolor wedding invites have been a go-to choice from brides-to-be looking for a romantic alternative on popular prints. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-romantic or an edgier vibe, there are always watercolor invites that suit every type of wedding and couple. Hosting a formal bash? You can opt for a set featuring elegant and simple stripes. Prefer something more modern? Choose a suite featuring geometric patterns designed with the watercolors. If you’re hosting a destination wedding, ask a stationer to create a custom set inspired by the locale.

watercolor invitation

When talking about spring, we would always think of blooming flowers, so why not opt for marbleized watercolor look for your bridesmaids. The look is perfect for a whimsical outdoor wedding! Pair a fun, floral number with a wild, pastel, garden-style bouquet tied with a neutral-hued ribbon. Keep the look simple by adding minimal accessories; perhaps studs or a few bangles that fit with your color palette. View latest 2015 bridesmaid dresses at

watercolor bridesmaid dress

As it’s a watercolor themed wedding, a soft-washed cake is a must. Ombre designs have become increasingly popular for their use of gradual color blending. The same concept can be applied to watercolor designs and even in colorful cakes and desserts. Pastel colors work well for a softer, romantic look, but don’t be afraid to go bold with bright painted colors too.

watercolor wedding cake

Besides, you may infuse color into your signature cocktails with colored liquors, ice cubes and garnishes. You can consult with your bartender to see how they can create a show-stopping drink with your favorite colors and flavors for your wedding. You could try cocktails with a splash of cranberry juice for color and these amazing rose petal ice cubes.

wedding drink

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