Find a flattering hairstyle for sweetheart gown

Sweetheart dress is one of the most popular dress styles for formal occasion. The curved neckline helps to provide modest coverage for the bust, while still drawing attention to the figure. So many women love to stand out with a sweetheart dress. The sweetheart dresses are flattering for most people. However, it’s not that easy to find a perfect hairstyle for the sweetheart dress.

You may negate the whole point of wearing a sexy sweetheart dress if you wear your hair down. But if you pull your hair up and your once-tame sweetheart dress now has you feeling a wee bit street-walkerish. Here are some ideas on how to find a flattering hairstyle for your sweetheart dress.

short prom dress UK

First, you should take your event into consideration. Is it snooty or casual? I believe you wouldn’t wear prom hair to a friend’s BBQ. Then you must know your dress fabric well. Is your dress shiny and blingy, or more simple? An overly elaborate updo paired with a plain cotton dress is going to look just plain weird. Also, you should make sure how much skin you want to show. At last, thin about the weather. Are you going to be outside on the beach or in an airtight ballroom?

If your dress is really exquisite, don’t take away from the dress with too much hairstyling. Keep it simple by choosing a style that is soft and sweet. Bare shoulders allow free falling locks, especially for brides with medium length hair. Soft curls that fall right above the neckline draw attention to the collarbones and bust line, making the style look effortless. Braided styles are best for romantic flowing gowns with sweetheart necklines. Your options are limited with short hair, but you can played it up with a pretty headband and hair that swoops to the side, which is dressy, and the shine is kept to a polished finish that works with her sophisticated gown. View tons of sweetheart prom gowns at

short prom dress 2015

If you love loose, natural-looking styles, look at Jennifer’s hair. Jennifer Lopez’s messy updos are romantic and not too structured. She often goes all-out with volume and texture. If you want to tone her styles down a bit. You may spray it with a light-hold hairspray before pinning the hair up, then curl it using a thin flat iron for a smoother, shinier finish.

Jennifer LopezThe New Girl star took to the red carpet in her signature, quirky-cute style. How do you like this full-bang, hair-wrapped pony? It’s perfect for a preppy garden party or retro theme.

Zooey Deschanel

Emma Stone’s wavy, side-swept chignon works for almost every neckline, which makes it both timeless and utterly modern. Stone, star of The Amazing Spider Man, accented her soft updo with bright coral lips.

Emma Stone's Wavy Chignon

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Style guide: Embrace you vintage

It is tough to define “vintage”. It is important to understand that the definition of vintage is fluid. Every decade would bring forth new items as “vintage”. Vintage apparel and accessories are increasingly fashionable nowadays. It’s environmentally responsible to use vintage objects. You can give a second functional life to existing pieces. If you love vintage style, you should be the one who have independent aesthetic.

European women's apparel in the 1920s

Don’t fall into the trend trap. Real fashion can stand the test of time and hardly ever go out of style. People who really know fashion would definitely collect some vintage pieces. Many Hollywood stars are fans of vintage clothes. For example, Julia Roberts attended the Academy Awards with an amazing vintage dress and she won the Oscar for best actress that time.

Women's Clothing in 1950s

A real vintage piece should have at least 30-year history. A vintage piece is not only engraved with the culture of that era, it’s also no longer in production. Some pieces are even unique. Many vintage lovers would collect clothing from the early 1950s to the 1980s. Many second-hand clothes are really expensive because of the history traces on them. By collecting vintage clothes, you can get to know historical background of that era and the story of the clothes.

US drama Mad Men

Here are some really impressive vintage styles of celebrities.

Shir Shomron looked so gorgeous in a vintage sheer long sleeve dress at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Shir Shomron

Jodi Gordon appeared at the Royal Racecourse for the spring carnival in 2010. Her vintage style was so impressive.

Jodi Gordon

Youthful Kelly Brook showed her unique vintage style in a beautiful floral dress. She looked so sweet and refreshing.

Kelly Brook

During 2009 Cannes Film Festival, actress Elizabeth Banks attracted the attention of all people with a stunning black floor length gown and an vintage hairstyle on the red carpet. She looked mysterious and elegant.

Elizabeth Banks

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