Plan A Romantic Journey With Your Other Half In Saipan

There is such a place, sometimes the sea is blue, and sometimes it turns green or black. When you walk around such sea, you could not resist getting close to it. There, you can see beautiful reef under the sea, and seagulls flying overhead, small fish beat your legs from time to time. This is Saipan, an amazing island.

If you plan to have a romantic journey with your other half, Saipan is your best choice. In Saipan, you can see clean sky, white beach, blue sea and sexy bikini girl… All things related to the sea are really wonderful. In Saipan, there are many activities for leisure time. In addition to snorkeling and diving, you can also choose to go fishing, surfing, helicopter, boat fishing, jungle adventure, submarines and other types of water sports. It is worth mentioning that the expensive of the above expense items in Saipan generally less than $ 60.


Saipan has the so-called world’s most pristine sea. There is a natural “swimming field” on the beach in the vicinity of the sea Micronesia – Warship Island. Warship island is less than two kilometers long, the island is full of dark green tropical vegetation and surrounded by white sandy beaches. You can take the ferry to the warship island, the time when you arrive at this island, you will suddenly have a misconception that you are in a fairy tale world.

Saipan is the capital of Northern Mariana Federation, it is the largest island in the archipelago, is the center of politics, economy, culture and commerce, however, it still remains authentic original flavor. It is a place that people can get rid of stress and enjoy a relaxed life wholeheartedly.

I f you and your other half want to enjoy a sweet and romantic journey, Saipan is your perfect choice. If you want to have a romantic beach wedding, the beautiful scenery and delicious food in Saipan are sure to give you unforgettable memories. You are sure to become the most charming bride with the wedding dress by Lunadress.  Find hot sale beach wedding dresses at

Tips on choosing dresses for different occasions

Today, the party has become an important part of people’s work, business, communication and cultural life. For “party animals” who attend parties frequently, the party dress has become the first thing that they need to consider. Choosing a perfect party dress is very important. A dress that fits you well will help improve your confidence on the party.

Business Party

If you are going to attend a business party, your party dress should be elegant and graceful. Generally, business parties are often held in big hotels, dignified and elegant evening dress will meet such occasions and party themes. Many women would wear luxury and sexy evening dresses at such occasions. If you do not know how to choose a dress color, go for black. Black dresses are really elegant and noble. What’s more, fashion golden, feminine purple and sexy wine red are also very good choices. Your accessories like shoes and bags should match well with your dress. If you choose a black dress and want to be more eye-catching, you can choose a golden bag or a red bag. Check at to find beautiful business party dresses.

Fashion Party

A variety of fashion parties come out at the end of every year, the fashion parties are much attractive than the law-abiding business parties. Bars and cafes are the best places for such parties. In this gathering, people do not care whether your clothes are gorgeous and dignified, they usually concern more about the expression of personal style and taste. Showing your personality is very important in such party. You can dress the way you want and don’t be afraid that someone will laugh at you, be yourself!

Dating Party

Usually, the dating parties are held in bars and cafes. If you want to show your femininity, you can choose a little party dress with soft pink. Dresses with flower prints are good choices. You can also wear some sexy dresses. If you want to show romantic feeling, pink satin dress is very good choice. If you are interested in pink dresses, you can just click at to find many chic pink dresses.