Beauty guide: How to choose the right lip color

If you ask a woman which cosmetic she will keep if she is allowed to have only one kind of cosmetic, I believe most of the women would keep their lipsticks. The lipsticks are so important to women. Right lip color would highlight your whole look in seconds. However, your lip color would destroy your look if you choose the wrong color. Your lip color can enhance your beauty features and complete your outfit as an accessory.


How to choose lip color according to your dress color

Choose nude lipstick if you are wearing dresses in purple shades. Do not wear red lip with purple gowns. Use a lip gloss over your lip if you want to look more delicious. Usually, orange with orange goes great. You can match your orange dress with peachy lip colors. Lipsticks have pink undertones should be avoided. Reddish tones would be perfect. Red lipsticks are perfect for dresses in yellow shades. Many female stars proved this on the red carpet. Wear coral lips if you are wearing dresses in blue shades. The soft coral color would add feminine charm to you. Blues can actually be combined with a lot of type of colors, it depends on how light or dark the actual shade it is.


How to choose lip colors according to the occasions

If you normally wear casual clothes such as jeans and a tee, you can opt for a lipstick color that plays primarily off your coloring. Use stronger colors to accent your wardrobe if you are in office. Choose either your lips or your eyes to highlight if you have a formal occasion to attend. If you decide to make your eyes the focal point, it’s important to keep your lips subtle. If you opt to keep your eyes more natural looking and play up your pout, use a lip liner that’s slightly darker than your lipstick shade followed by a lip color that both caters to your coloring and your attire.


How to choose lip colors for different skin colors

If you have fair skin, choose peachy pinks, deep berries, wine reds and golden browns while staying away from bright pinks. If you have medium skin, choose reds and pinks with a touch of brown and sheer shades while staying away from pale browns. Individuals with dark skin can wear almost any lipstick color, but dark burgundy and plum colors, rich browns and sheer pinks are especially flattering.


Show Your Sexy Legs with High Slit Dresses and Skirts

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, it’s time to add some new summer dresses in your closets! Which kind of dress is really popular in this summer? It’s the high slit dress! Still wear short dresses and long dresses? Try the high slit dresses!

The high slit dresses can not only show your legs, but can also hide some small shortcomings of your legs. What’s more, the high slit dresses enable you to keep cool and elegant in hot summer. Many Hollywood female stars love high slit dresses and wear high slit dresses no matter on the red carpet or the street.

High slit dresses are not patent for women with perfect leg curves. If you think that you do not have perfect and sexy legs and can’t wear high slit dresses, then you are wrong! High slit dresses have both the advantages of long dress and short dress. Moreover, no matter you are tall or short, you can try high slit dress! Let’s learn to dress high slit dress from female stars!

Look at this extremely elegant dress that Emma Watson wore! It’s so elegant and sexy, perfect for attending a formal occasion. The little witch in Harry Potter has completely transformed into attractive and sexy mature woman.

Emma Watson

Maggie Q, the actress in Nikita, attended an activity with a really sexy black dress. The high slit design lengthened her legs in visual. If you have really long and slim legs, you can try her style. I sure you will attract all men’s attention if you wear such dress to a party!

Maggie Q

Chinese female star Zhang Ziyi attended the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony with a illusion improved floral cheongsam. The high slit design and the sexy black tulle make her legs look looming. This dress perfectly showed the mysterious beauty of oriental women.

Zhang Ziyi

Taylor Swift is really popular in recent years. She is the fashion idol of many young ladies. She also followed the high slit trend. She looked young and sexy in a Lo shi bodice and slit skirt.

Taylor Swift

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Choose Yellow Dresses For Your Big Day

Yellow, the color of the light, is the most striking color. Girls with bright yellow dresses look positive and lively. In ancient China, yellow is patent for the royal family, so if you want to look noble and elegant, a yellow dress will meet your demand. In addition to black and white colors, yellow is also a wild color, you can wear many colors with yellow. It is because of its warmth, vitality and inclusiveness, yellow is more and more popular on the fashion stage.

There is only one sun in the sky, of course, for your wedding and your love, there is no second heroine except you. Colored wedding dresses are more and more popular in recent years. If you want to have a special wedding, why not choose a bright yellow wedding dress on your wedding! The bright yellow color will help people to recognize you from the vast sea. A bright yellow dress will bring relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to the people around you. Similarly, if you want people to notice you on the prom party, the yellow prom dresses are also very good choices for you!

Long Prom Dresses

Same with white, yellow will also make you look younger than your real age. If you want to look young and full of vitality, then light yellow clothes are your best choices. Light yellow dress also does not make you look too childish. Sunshine like yellow will give you a positive attitude and enable you to face the challenges in your life bravely.

Going Out Dresses

Light yellow can create you gentle and warm image, while mid tone yellow will make you look intellectual and solemn. Dark yellow is slightly dull and not suit for young girls. Usually, light yellow is very suit for lovely designed short dresses, bright yellow is perfect for noble and elegant long dresses.

Quinceanera Dresses

If you are wearing a light yellow dress, you makeup should not be too heavy. You can wear heavy makeup with mid tone yellow dresses. In addition, yellow color is suit for ladies with all kinds of skin colors. You will be full of charm with yellow dresses. Finds trendy dresses for special occasions at Luna Dress.