Rihanna’s Style: Top 10 “Wow” Outfits

Not long ago, CFDA voted R&B singer Rihanna as annual fashion icon in 2014. Rihanna attended the awards with a bold Adam Selman custom dress. The dress was made of 210,000 Swarovski crystals, extremely luxury and sexy. She was really outstanding among all the stars who attended the events. Let’s review the fashion styles that Rihanna has had in this year and learn from this fashion icon!


Rihanna’s fashion styles are not invariant. This young lady is bold and adventurous. She is a well-deserved Diva. Every time when she appeared, she would catch all of the attention. In my opinion, she is well-deserved fashion icon in 2014.

Rihanna in Adam Selman

Rihanna attended the Miu Miu fashion show earlier this year with a colored fur coat. Her modeling was really classic and modern. It seems that Rihanna likes fur clothes very much, she wore a luxury fur scarf with her in another show. The England Oxford shoes she wore had become must-haves for early spring.

Rihanna in fur coat

This army green windbreaker looked well with Rihanna’s sexy and healthy bronze skin. The golden lace heels highlighted the whole modeling.

Rihanna in green coat

Since Rihanna is a hip hop artist, she really loves sports style clothing. Look at the sport style suit when she attended the Chanel events. She looked young and dynamic.

Rihanna attend Channel events

It seems that we can see so feminine Rihanna only on the red carpet. Her perfect figure was shown incisively and vividly with the white floor length dress.

Rihanna in white dress

Rihanna can be sweet and cute too. She looked like the girl next door in this chic pink dress.

Rihanna in pink party dress

Rihanna also looked well with black clothes. Look at this transparent lace long dress she wore, so sexy! Her makeup was also a very important part of the modeling. Browse 2014 new black dresses online.

Rihanna in Black

Want to see her street style? Then check this white shirt and short pants look! I have to say that her long and slim legs added a lot of charm to her.

Rihanna in white shirt

Rihanna also loves neutral style clothes. However, she can always add some feminine feelings. She wore a pair of red long boots with the over-sized coat, stylish and feminine!

Rihanna in over-size coat

Rihanna changed her hair color to pink. She knows how to make herself the most eye-catching very well. She wore the floral dress with a pair of black basketball shoes, quite uniqe!

Rihanna in floral dress

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How To Choose A Right Hat According To Your Face Shape

Hats are very important accessories. We can see women wear beautiful hats in different occasions like wedding, racing and garden party. You may find a dress that suits you well very easily, but you may ignore the biggest trap – your hat. It’s very hard to find a hat suits you well. Before you pick your hats, you should know your face shape well.

Here are five steps that you can follow when you choose your hats.

First, know your face shape well. If you do not know your face shape, you can stand in front of the mirror and use your eyeliner or lipstick to draw out the outline of your face.

Second, think about your skin color. Do you have white skin or dark skin?

Third, try a hat in front of a mirror and find the right proportion.

Fourth, you’d better try the hat on when you choose any hair accessory if possible. Make fewer mistakes about the color and style issues.


How to choose hats according to your face shape?


If your face is heart-shaped, then you must have a wide forehead and narrow chin, you are so lucky! Most of the hats are suitable for you. But keep in mind that you should not choose too hats that are too small. Since small hats will look like funny pill boxes on your head. Moreover, you should avoid wide-brimmed hat (such as sun hat).


Oval faces are the most common seen faces. It seems that all of the hats are suitable for oval face. So you can try as many styles as possible. Here are some recommendations: floppy fedoras, berets, baseball caps, CDs, boating, pill boxes and sun hat.


If you have a square face, you can choose wide hats. Asymmetrical brim will help conceal your chin.


The chin and forehead of oblong faces have the same width. You can choose a bell-shaped hat since it can shorten your face in visual.


You need a flattery to lengthen your face if you have round face.

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Tips on choosing dresses for different occasions

Today, the party has become an important part of people’s work, business, communication and cultural life. For “party animals” who attend parties frequently, the party dress has become the first thing that they need to consider. Choosing a perfect party dress is very important. A dress that fits you well will help improve your confidence on the party.

Business Party

If you are going to attend a business party, your party dress should be elegant and graceful. Generally, business parties are often held in big hotels, dignified and elegant evening dress will meet such occasions and party themes. Many women would wear luxury and sexy evening dresses at such occasions. If you do not know how to choose a dress color, go for black. Black dresses are really elegant and noble. What’s more, fashion golden, feminine purple and sexy wine red are also very good choices. Your accessories like shoes and bags should match well with your dress. If you choose a black dress and want to be more eye-catching, you can choose a golden bag or a red bag. Check at asos.com to find beautiful business party dresses.


Fashion Party

A variety of fashion parties come out at the end of every year, the fashion parties are much attractive than the law-abiding business parties. Bars and cafes are the best places for such parties. In this gathering, people do not care whether your clothes are gorgeous and dignified, they usually concern more about the expression of personal style and taste. Showing your personality is very important in such party. You can dress the way you want and don’t be afraid that someone will laugh at you, be yourself!


Dating Party

Usually, the dating parties are held in bars and cafes. If you want to show your femininity, you can choose a little party dress with soft pink. Dresses with flower prints are good choices. You can also wear some sexy dresses. If you want to show romantic feeling, pink satin dress is very good choice. If you are interested in pink dresses, you can just click at http://www.lunadress.co.uk/pink-prom-dresses-c225/ to find many chic pink dresses.