How To Choose A Right Hat According To Your Face Shape

Hats are very important accessories. We can see women wear beautiful hats in different occasions like wedding, racing and garden party. You may find a dress that suits you well very easily, but you may ignore the biggest trap – your hat. It’s very hard to find a hat suits you well. Before you pick your hats, you should know your face shape well.

Here are five steps that you can follow when you choose your hats.

First, know your face shape well. If you do not know your face shape, you can stand in front of the mirror and use your eyeliner or lipstick to draw out the outline of your face.

Second, think about your skin color. Do you have white skin or dark skin?

Third, try a hat in front of a mirror and find the right proportion.

Fourth, you’d better try the hat on when you choose any hair accessory if possible. Make fewer mistakes about the color and style issues.


How to choose hats according to your face shape?


If your face is heart-shaped, then you must have a wide forehead and narrow chin, you are so lucky! Most of the hats are suitable for you. But keep in mind that you should not choose too hats that are too small. Since small hats will look like funny pill boxes on your head. Moreover, you should avoid wide-brimmed hat (such as sun hat).


Oval faces are the most common seen faces. It seems that all of the hats are suitable for oval face. So you can try as many styles as possible. Here are some recommendations: floppy fedoras, berets, baseball caps, CDs, boating, pill boxes and sun hat.


If you have a square face, you can choose wide hats. Asymmetrical brim will help conceal your chin.


The chin and forehead of oblong faces have the same width. You can choose a bell-shaped hat since it can shorten your face in visual.


You need a flattery to lengthen your face if you have round face.

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Learn To Choose Sunglasses From Fashion Icons In Last Century

Sunglasses were popular since the last century. In 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the women would wear sunglasses when they went out to claim that they were fashion icons. A pair of fashion sunglasses can highlight the whole look. No matter you are an elegant lady or a wild lady, you can always find the sunglasses that suit you well. Retro fashion prevalent in 2014, if you are a fan of vintage fashion, why not choose a pair of vintage sunglasses to build your own vintage look?

Audrey Hepburn’s sweet and elegant images were quite popular in 1950s, countless men were fascinated with her. Audrey Hepburn had extraordinary fashion taste and was the muse of many famous fashion designers. If you don’t have any ideas on choosing sunglasses, learn from Audrey. The pink-framed sunglasses not only fitted well with Hepburn’s sweet temperament, but also highlighted her white skin.

Audrey Hepburn in sunglasses












Grace Kelly was an Oscar-winning actress and the princess of Monaco. She was almost synonymous with elegance. Look at her cat’s eye sunglasses, the sleek frame weakened the sharp feeling that Cat’s Eye gave to us, so elegant and noble!

Grace Kelly












Julie Christie, this “most poetic” British actress, was Oscar winner in 1965. Different from other British actresses who preferred opera, she had a special favor for the film. She also had wonderful fashion taste. This pair of polygon sunglasses showed her good taste. This pair of sunglasses is still very fashion in the view of today’s aesthetic.

Julie Christie












Elke Sommer, the German-born actress was discovered in Italy when she was on vacation in 1960, she soon became famous in Hollywood. She was the sexy idol at that time and was favored by countless magazines. She has a square face which was similar with that of Hepburn. This pair of white cat’s eye sunglasses emphasized her unique sexy charm.

Elke Sommer












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